Body Armor : ACU Outer Tactical Vest

18 09 2010

One of the main part of the us soldier uniform is the body armor,  the tactical protective vest with kevlar insert and ceramic plate  which has replace the old flack vest.  Seen the first time during the 2nd golf war the IBA also called Interceptor (Interceptor body armor) first gen of OTV. In Woodland, a tactical vest with a lot of  M.O.L.L.E  straps avoid to carry the LC2 kit or the TLBV. IBA has equiped all  troops with, army and marines, first in woodland, then DCU (short time) and marines have received a coyote brown version.

When the US ARMY has been equiped with the new ACU pattern,  a new version ofthe IBA has been available. In UCP color and keep the name of OTV from Outer Tactical Vest.

OTV could load all the G.I.’s gears and assure a best protection against bullet. There is difference between the IBA and the OTV, this difference is called ESBI. 2 side pouches which contain small SAPI PLATE to protect under arm space.

2 brands has approved to produce the ACU OTV, Point Blank and UNICOR (for the woodland version Point Blank and SDS). You can find on ebay lot of otv cover (without kevlar insert) called conversion kit, and for the price is a really good deal. In these conversion kit there are often 6 or 8 pieces.

  • the OTV cover
  • the collar (protect the back of the neck)
  • the throat
  • the groin (protect the family jewel)
  • may be the DAPS (deltoid and under arms protection)

but never the ESBI pockets, often hard to find

(mine mixed UCP and Woodland gears)

You could wear, your name and rand on the velcro strap, the vest contain on the front and back 2 larges intern pocket to host SAPI plate.