Communication. Do you copy ? OVER

25 01 2017

I Haven’t new pics right now, so I ‘ll make something with old archives which are always usefull.

Let me introduce some communication devices used by the US FORCES. There are speakers/Handmic which are connected directly to the the radio.

The most seen on the field is the famous THALES speaker.


A 6 pins plug connected on the PRC-148 or PRC-152. Could be used with a earpieces which cut the speaker sound for a low profile use. Mic on the front and a PTT on the right side.

his older brother is the Sonetronics H-250 field phone. I’ll post later an improved version with a volume button and earpiece plug, the H-250B handset.


As a standard home phone, a speaker on top, and a mic down, press the PTT to talk and release when it’s finish. As the THALES handset a 5 pins pug is connected to the radio.

In the same family, the GEEK cousin, the HRCRD (Handheld Remote Control Radio Device) Handset C-12493/U, is a radio speaker handset with a control dashboard. Which is used to control the radio by the operator without removing the pack to get access to the front panel.


the ACU Battle Dress

11 09 2010

Well, one of the most important things, to have a good modern us army load out ! the battle dress. Exit the old BDU (battle dress uniform) in woodland and DCU (Desert Combat Uniform). New design and new partern . Full color UCP, for the vest, forget the large collar, now it’s a mao’s collar type with VELCRO ®.

VELCRO ® is ubiquitous on th new uniform, each pocket is closed with VELCRO ®, 2 on torso, 1 by sleeve like SF RAID shirts, and no buttons, a long zip on the vest.  Nametape, army tape, rack are fixed with VELCRO ®. On each sleeve side pocket, you’ve got and IR TAG hide by a flap.

In the sleeve elbows (and pants knees) you can insert foam pad to a better confort, elbows and knees pad aren’t necessary with this kind of things.

Pants is like the BDU, pistol and cargo pocket but 2 news pockets had been added, on each shins you can carry an m4 magazine. (to the right cargo pocket, to the left m4 mag shin pocket)

Under the vest, you can were different kind of underwear like underarmour clothes, or official ECWCS Gen III level 1 or 2 undershirt & drawers (soon) or the DSCP t-shirt, in tan color made from polyester breath able vapor wick material, much better than cotton.