Night Vision Goggles & accessories

6 11 2010

For the 80’s, we could see in the dark,  with light intensifier, Infra Red, thermal device and now through a wall.  Soldier are equipped for the night operation with a special kind of goggles. Their names : the NVG, the Night Vision Goggles. More the progress grow up more their size are small. At the beginning a big facial mask and now a simple monocular or 2 little tube to see with a perfect view. G.I. carry it on their weapon or helmet, even helicopter’s pilot could fly the night with out problems with this device.

The NVG, AN/PVS 7 and AN/PVS 14  have change the night combat. Work with AA battery, lighter than old device (counterweight could be use behind the helmet). To fix it on the helmet, the main part is the rhino plate, one screw on the MICH front. The the rhino mount, (why Rhino, cause ‘s that’s look like to a rhinoceros horn) PVS 7 could be fixed on the rhino mount for the PVS 14 you need to add a J-Arm to adjust monocular front your eyes.

rhino plate (one point) different for PAGST and marines LWH

rhino mount and PAGST rhino plate

J-Arm to positioned NVG on left or right side

below : PVS 14 replica


PVS 14 (replica) with J-Arm

To used the pvs 14 on weapon, you must fixed of your gun’s picanty rail, a special mount, front of or behind the scope.