Communication. Do you copy ? OVER

25 01 2017

I Haven’t new pics right now, so I ‘ll make something with old archives which are always usefull.

Let me introduce some communication devices used by the US FORCES. There are speakers/Handmic which are connected directly to the the radio.

The most seen on the field is the famous THALES speaker.


A 6 pins plug connected on the PRC-148 or PRC-152. Could be used with a earpieces which cut the speaker sound for a low profile use. Mic on the front and a PTT on the right side.

his older brother is theĀ Sonetronics H-250 field phone. I’ll post later an improved version with a volume button and earpiece plug, the H-250B handset.


As a standard home phone, a speaker on top, and a mic down, press the PTT to talk and release when it’s finish. As the THALES handset a 5 pins pug is connected to the radio.

In the same family, the GEEK cousin, the HRCRD (Handheld Remote Control Radio Device) Handset C-12493/U, is a radio speaker handset with a control dashboard. Which is used to control the radio by the operator without removing the pack to get access to the front panel.