Winter Army Combat Shirt

22 07 2011

I’ve received yesterday a rare piece not often seen. A Winter Army Combat Shirt. Almost the same form as the standard ACS (1st & 2nd gen), but it’s more softer thank to the fleece. I’ ve read on that this shirt hasn’t been adopted by the us army after his test. It’s no more available on MASSIF, you could read all the feedback from a GI on the previous link.

logo on the heart, smaller that the 1st gen ACS


ACS : Army Combat Shirt (UCP & MultiCam)

14 07 2011

When IOTV has been done to soldiers,  some feedbacks were the heat between the body (t-shirt + acu vest) and the body armor in the hot climate zone. A new product has been developed by MASSIF (mountain gear), a kind of t-shirt with long sleeve which combine new innovation.  As a mix with cotton and spandex on torso which allow a good breath, and dry faster than a cotton vest and build with a fire resistance fiber (more info on massif website). The Army Combat Shirt preserve the pocket on sleeve like the vest but used zip instead of velcro (no more pocket on torso. Massif has had directly on the shirt a kind of elbow foam pad.

the first gen of ACS was product with the US ARMY logo (army strong ) on the front, but with the success of this product non-us army crew worn it, like USAF (before the ABU uniform) so a 2nd gen has been product without the logo. The new combat shirt in MultiCam Partern used the 2nd gen model.

1st generation of ACS  1st gen + 2nd gen

detail of the ACS elbow foam pad

detail of the right sleeve with IR-TAG and velcro to patch the unit.

as the ucp version, the MultiCam ACS has a pencil pocket

Body Armor : IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest)

3 10 2010

New generation of body armor (but ever replaced by the KDH spc) IOTV has equipped soldiers to erase otv’s problems.

Best comfort, more protection, lighter, and a innovation, a quick release system  (seen on ciras) you pull a strap, hide on you chin level, and the body armor fall on the ground. As the ciras, IOTV has been built on same system, not like a vest but like to panel link on the shoulder. Front and back panels protect the body and the cummerband which contain soft inserts and SAPI insure the side protection.  Before closed the cummerband, you need to scratch the internal velcro belt (“paste” the back panel on your back) then place the front panel front of you and with cummerband lock the protection.

2 brands are allowed to build it , SDS and Point Blank. (Pantac isn’t approved)