17 10 2010

Known with a lot of names, the US ARMY’s helmet is used all arount the world by occidental armies, different names too, but same line. During the second gulf war we have seen on field a mix in same unit with PAGST and MICH helmet, proved of the future replacement. The USMC has a more protective and lighter version of the old PAGST, (the LWH).

Differents namesĀ  as usual for differents brand (MSA = ACH, Gentex = MICH, SDS = Warrior), a new profile with a chin strap fixed on 4 points. Inside no leather head band, a combination of foam pad to a best comfort which adopt all the head outline.

Front of the helmet, you could fix some gears for night vision devices (rhino plate, willcox or norotos 1/3 points).

And to finish like a cake you cover the parcel with a beautiful cover (in acu partern!)