25 01 2017

With the new US ARMY camouflage (OCP/Multicam), all the gear must to be changed. All pouches, and if they are the same, one has won a new design. She has been at the beginning only a color make over, but she has been improved with a new pouch and accessories. The IFAK 2 is still a personal medic pouch but more complete.

  • Bandage Kit, Elastic
  • Bandage Gauze 4-1/2″ 100/Pkg
  • Adhesive Tape Surg 2″ 6’s Roll
  • Airway, Nasopharyngeal, 28fr, 12s
  • Glove, Patient Exam 100/Pkg (4ea)
  • a tactical combat casualty card
  • a mini-Sharpie marker
  • an eye shield
  • a rubber seal with a valve
  • a strap cutter
  • and 2 tourniquet in 2 independent pouch

As the old one, the IFAK2 as MOLLE strap but it’s the only common point. You can open it from each side, a small strap with an hook&loop to catch the insert, which come with a lanyard.ifak2-pouch

Inside, as usual all is available for a quick accessifak2-insert


Communication. Do you copy ? OVER

25 01 2017

I Haven’t new pics right now, so I ‘ll make something with old archives which are always usefull.

Let me introduce some communication devices used by the US FORCES. There are speakers/Handmic which are connected directly to the the radio.

The most seen on the field is the famous THALES speaker.


A 6 pins plug connected on the PRC-148 or PRC-152. Could be used with a earpieces which cut the speaker sound for a low profile use. Mic on the front and a PTT on the right side.

his older brother is the Sonetronics H-250 field phone. I’ll post later an improved version with a volume button and earpiece plug, the H-250B handset.


As a standard home phone, a speaker on top, and a mic down, press the PTT to talk and release when it’s finish. As the THALES handset a 5 pins pug is connected to the radio.

In the same family, the GEEK cousin, the HRCRD (Handheld Remote Control Radio Device) Handset C-12493/U, is a radio speaker handset with a control dashboard. Which is used to control the radio by the operator without removing the pack to get access to the front panel.

Back to basic

25 01 2017

I’m back after a very long time (I don’t know why), but I’ve received a comment last week, the pleasure to post again is come to my mind. A lot of Gear is arrived in 6 years. I hope to find the courage to take picture and post some pieces. I’ve changed the header with a multicam touch ’cause the gear is change too.