New Year & New gears (So Happy New Gears)

30 01 2011

Happy new year everybody (I know it’s the end of the month). With the new year comes new resolution, and in our case, new gears. US Army is going to change UCP battle dress by some MULTICAM uniform for the afghan theater. Before talk about the Multicam, I would like to introduce a special element which was test by US forces in ASTAN. 500 pieces of this uniform has been produced and tested by the 4th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division current the 2009 year. This uniform is a variant of the UCP pattern with some brown touch. This is the UCP DELTA or ACU-D

I’ve found somes pieces on Ebay, I’m waiting the shirt. But for my pants is built from the UCP 2nd gen materials, the DEFENDER with aramide fiber.

On the left pocket, the ACU-D (and Multicam) wear a strange square which look like to an IR tabs, also seen on the shirt arm (soon).

Rare pieces and prices are sometimes really expensive.

Now, a lot of soldiers wear the new uniform (DEFENDER) with a new pattern, used by SFG, PJ, DEVGRU, special but very efficient in a good context. The MULTICAM take a lot of colors (no UCP pattern) which have a good game on the afghan countryside. A friend of mine has bough a complete set up. As the ACU-D, you could seen on the leg pocket and the left arm a king of web square. On the shoulder pocket the IR sqare is now fix on the tab.