Laser Devices :

6 11 2010

Often seen on the rifle’s RIS handguard, a little box which  work with the NVG. An help to aim in during night combat or to mark objectives with IR spot. This box called AN/PEQ ( a lot of models has been used, 2, 2-A and 15 for the army, marines used a different model) is a visible and invisible laser aim, and contain a IR light.

There are 2 famous models the AN/PEQ 2-A and the AN/PEQ 15 and a new is appear recently the DBAL-12 (same function as the old AN/PEQ 2-A but smaller and lighter).

Items below are replicas :

AN/PEQ 2-A (airsoft battery case)

AN/PEQ 15 (airsoft battery case)

Aim system could be control by central button or by deported remote pressure switch



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