Flash Light : Surefire M951 kit 002

16 09 2010

Seen on a lot of GI weapon, fix on the RIS, the powerful flash light called : the SUREFIRE.

The standard model used by the grunt is the M951 kit 002, that’s mean with 2 screws on the side, not the LaRue Tactical mount for a quick release. This Surefire like the other models work with CR123 batteries (surefire battery are the best) and develop 60 lumen of powerful (more for high model). 60 lumen in eyes in the dark and you’re blind for a few seconds, that’s why the surefire was made, flashlight and take the advantage.

Light come with a switch to used it like a  stroboscopic effect, or you can switch on with a button behind the body.

Generally M951 are sold with an IR filter, to use it with night vision goggle, (pvs 7 or 14) theXM07 IR filter

Surefire is the most known brand, but you can find Pentagon Light™, or models like M962, or M600 scout light.



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