Pouches : 1st part

18 09 2010

The OTV and the IOTV (and now the new KDH SPC) could carry a lot of kind of pouches, with M.O.L.L.E straps. Every kind of gear coul have a specific pouch. Mag, grenade, canteen etc.

the most popular : SDS or michael bianco DOUBLE MAG POUCH, could contain 2 M4 mag (or a small bottle of water)

back side : 2 MOLLE retention strap and closed bay a velcro on the front

Other kind of pouch and very  pratical, the shingle pouch : on a line you can carry 3 mags and the coolest thing is that you can load others pouches on the front side,thanks to the MOLLE system.

Soldiers are always free for choose their pouches, but one is most important and essential ! the IFAK (Improved First Aid Kit), look like a 100rd pouch but contain all the material for a first aid, and can help the soldier to treat him self .

  • Tourniquet, Combat Application
  • Bandage Kit, Elastic
  • Bandage Gauze 4-1/2″ 100/Pkg
  • Adhesive Tape Surg 2″ 6’s Roll
  • Airway, Nasopharyngeal, 28fr, 12s
  • Glove, Patient Exam 100/Pkg (4ea)

Tourniquet, Combat Application
6510-01-492-2275 Bandage Kit, Elastic
6510-01-503-2117 / 6510-00-058-3047 Bandage Gauze 4-1/2″ 100/Pkg
6510-00-926-8883 Adhesive Tape Surg 2″ 6’s Roll
6515-01-180-0467 Airway, Nasopharyngeal, 28fr, 12s
6515-01-519-9161 Glove, Patient Exam 100/Pkg (4ea)

Body Armor : ACU Outer Tactical Vest

18 09 2010

One of the main part of the us soldier uniform is the body armor,  the tactical protective vest with kevlar insert and ceramic plate  which has replace the old flack vest.  Seen the first time during the 2nd golf war the IBA also called Interceptor (Interceptor body armor) first gen of OTV. In Woodland, a tactical vest with a lot of  M.O.L.L.E  straps avoid to carry the LC2 kit or the TLBV. IBA has equiped all  troops with, army and marines, first in woodland, then DCU (short time) and marines have received a coyote brown version.

When the US ARMY has been equiped with the new ACU pattern,  a new version ofthe IBA has been available. In UCP color and keep the name of OTV from Outer Tactical Vest.

OTV could load all the G.I.’s gears and assure a best protection against bullet. There is difference between the IBA and the OTV, this difference is called ESBI. 2 side pouches which contain small SAPI PLATE to protect under arm space.

2 brands has approved to produce the ACU OTV, Point Blank and UNICOR (for the woodland version Point Blank and SDS). You can find on ebay lot of otv cover (without kevlar insert) called conversion kit, and for the price is a really good deal. In these conversion kit there are often 6 or 8 pieces.

  • the OTV cover
  • the collar (protect the back of the neck)
  • the throat
  • the groin (protect the family jewel)
  • may be the DAPS (deltoid and under arms protection)

but never the ESBI pockets, often hard to find

(mine mixed UCP and Woodland gears)

You could wear, your name and rand on the velcro strap, the vest contain on the front and back 2 larges intern pocket to host SAPI plate.

Flash Light : Surefire M951 kit 002

16 09 2010

Seen on a lot of GI weapon, fix on the RIS, the powerful flash light called : the SUREFIRE.

The standard model used by the grunt is the M951 kit 002, that’s mean with 2 screws on the side, not the LaRue Tactical mount for a quick release. This Surefire like the other models work with CR123 batteries (surefire battery are the best) and develop 60 lumen of powerful (more for high model). 60 lumen in eyes in the dark and you’re blind for a few seconds, that’s why the surefire was made, flashlight and take the advantage.

Light come with a switch to used it like a  stroboscopic effect, or you can switch on with a button behind the body.

Generally M951 are sold with an IR filter, to use it with night vision goggle, (pvs 7 or 14) theXM07 IR filter

Surefire is the most known brand, but you can find Pentagon Light™, or models like M962, or M600 scout light.

the ACU Battle Dress

11 09 2010

Well, one of the most important things, to have a good modern us army load out ! the battle dress. Exit the old BDU (battle dress uniform) in woodland and DCU (Desert Combat Uniform). New design and new partern . Full color UCP, for the vest, forget the large collar, now it’s a mao’s collar type with VELCRO ®.

VELCRO ® is ubiquitous on th new uniform, each pocket is closed with VELCRO ®, 2 on torso, 1 by sleeve like SF RAID shirts, and no buttons, a long zip on the vest.  Nametape, army tape, rack are fixed with VELCRO ®. On each sleeve side pocket, you’ve got and IR TAG hide by a flap.

In the sleeve elbows (and pants knees) you can insert foam pad to a better confort, elbows and knees pad aren’t necessary with this kind of things.

Pants is like the BDU, pistol and cargo pocket but 2 news pockets had been added, on each shins you can carry an m4 magazine. (to the right cargo pocket, to the left m4 mag shin pocket)

Under the vest, you can were different kind of underwear like underarmour clothes, or official ECWCS Gen III level 1 or 2 undershirt & drawers (soon) or the DSCP t-shirt, in tan color made from polyester breath able vapor wick material, much better than cotton.