Boots : Wellco desert boots : hot weather vs goretex

30 08 2010

After the eyes protection (other glasses models will come) gone to the ground. I’ve only tested 2 models of the same brand, the cause ? the price ! ebay opportunity! There are a lot of brand approved by the DOD to dress the soldier foot, but there are really 2 kinds of form which existing for a long time:

1st The Panama version, as the vietnam jungle boot, but in tan, called now the hot weather boots, for the hot temperature combat zone, famous brand : Altama but many other brand have produced their combat boots with this form. (Wellco (mine), Rocky, Belleville etc) Except the brand, there are the same.

this is mine,(sorry there are used ) Wellco hot weather boots, hard challenge to make a difference between all brands !

A typical profile and sole of the panama style boots.

During the winter period in hot temperature combat zone, soldiers has used flyer’s boots (leather and wool) black saw during the Balkan conflict and OEF I. Then soldiers received  new equipments with news technologies like Goretex, and new boots. My second pair and once and again a Wellco. Common profile with the other brand (addison, Danner, Bates etc.)

Walking with it, is a really pleasure more heavier than the panama version, but a better sole with the vibram technology, and of course the goretex, certainly hot in summer but dry and hot during the cold season, don’t be afraid to walk in mud, water, snow, really great !

More expensive than the panama, but the price is justified.

New brands are now approved by the DOD, 1st for the SFG and now for the G.I. like Oakley and Converse (really expensive) you can also see especially with the new uniform presentation, Danner combat hiker boots, lighter and better for long walk in the mountain, developed at the beginning for the civil who hikking, as Merrell.

Danner will be presented soon.


Eyes Wear : ESS ICE (1st gen)

29 08 2010

Used by a lots of soldiers all around the world. 3 lenses, solar protection, great comfort, lowest price and easy to find, sales with a soft case with carabiner.  Resist to a shoot of shotgun blast from 35 feet. (around 10m) so  BB’s impacts! no problems !

Hello world!

29 08 2010


I’ll try to quote some informations to help airsoft players, reenactor or just people who appreciate the UCP pattern and the US ARMY gears.

Here, we only talk about Grunt ! simple G.I., no Special Forces, Rangers, DEVGRU, NSW, Marines etc.

I’ll created categories for each kind of equipment used by the US ARMY soldiers, in their new school style. BYE BYE Woodland and good morning ACU and UCP. Dress, second line, head gears, boots, pouches, optics, weapons etc..

All weapons which will be presented are replicas for airsoft game , accessories could be real.

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